Our capabilities

The company "Sticky Line" is a large manufacturer of printing products in the segment of printing on self-adhesive materials. Our company carries out printing by three methods: flexographic, stencil and digital, if necessary combining them, depending on the task. The effect of any of the printing methods can be supplemented and reinforced with various finishes. We offer the following types of finishes: stamping, lamination, UV varnishing, screen printing, cold and hot stamping.

Printing technologies

Flexo printing
Screen printing
Digital printing
Combined printing


Hot and cold embossing
UV varnishing
labels on products labels on bottles promotional labels jewelry tags All kinds of products

Stages of work

Submit your application
Order reconciliation

As part of the coordination phase, it is important to provide all the details and choose the components that are optimal for your order: the material that will become the ideal basis for the product you need, the method of printing and the number of paints used, choose the type of glue, and finally, think over the final chord - the type of finish. High qualification of the employees of the "Sticky Line" company, leading your order, will allow the fastest and most effective solution of the entire range of tasks for the production of self-adhesive labels.

Development of layouts

If you applied to the "Sticky Line" company with your design project, our designers will only need to adapt the finished design to the technological process. If you need to create a layout that is called "from scratch", we are at your service. All the work on the development of design and adaptation of ready-made models are made by a staff of professional designers and take from 1 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the task.

Transfer to production

The finished design model of your future product and the technical documentation carefully prepared by the specialists of the "Sticky Line" company are transferred to production. We value the time of our customers, therefore, a stock of materials is always reserved in the warehouse in order to start printing as quickly as possible.


The "Sticky Line" company uses the most modern and high-tech equipment. Flexo printing is performed on 5, 6 and 8 sectional printing machines. The equipment of the GALLUS Swiss company provides fast and high-quality printing. The complex of finishing equipment of the Italian company BERRA, equipped with sections of embossing, conveying and screen printing, allows obtaining the highest quality of finishing. In addition, the company has installed five modern rewinders and a sheet cutter. We constantly modernize the fleet of production equipment, which allows us to maintain a high level of speed and quality in the manufacture of the most complex orders.

Quality control

The quality control system in the "Sticky Line" company is a multistage, well-organized process. Quality control covers all stages of production, from input control of raw materials, paints, forms and finishing storage of the finished order. We carefully monitor all the processes of the production chain. Finished products fully meet the most stringent requirements and standards of European quality.

Transfer to the storage

The finished order is securely packed and enters the storage. Storage is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturers of materials. The temperature and humidity of the air are monitored. The products are in stock until they are delivered to the customer or before being sent to the delivery service.


Logistic connections of the "Sticky Line" company allow carrying out delivery of products all over Russia. We cooperate with partners who have a reliable reputation: Business Lines, Russian Post and PEC. These are professional organizations that can provide gentle and timely transportation. At the client's request, the cargo can be insured. The cost of services corresponds to the price list of the chosen delivery service.

Our regular

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About us

The "Sticky Line" company offers a full range of printing services, including label printing. All our products are of high quality and manufactured from a wide range of materials. 

Thanks to modern equipment and a friendly team of professionals, we are ready to fulfill orders of any complexity regardless of volume. We can buy self-adhesive labels for any products.

Types of services

Our company has been operating since 2005. During this time, it was possible to significantly increase the technical base and expand production.

Of the entire range of products, the most popular is the printing of self-adhesive labels. In addition to this, "Sticky Line" company also provides printing of other products:

• labels for products and bottles;

• promotional labels;

• Thermal labels.

• jewelry tags;

• Tickets.

Details of each order are agreed with the customer before the manufacture of labels. We apply an individual approach and always achieve the set tasks. If you do not have a ready project, our designers are ready to help and develop a unique label design for you.

Used Materials​​​​​​​

We always have a wide range of materials from leading manufacturers, which is necessary for the implementation of any, even complex orders. This makes it possible to significantly speed up the production of self-adhesive labels.

Depending on the objectives, printing can be carried out on the following materials:

• holographic paper;

• coated and uncoated paper;

• colored paper;

• Thermal cardboard;

• polypropylene;

• polyethylene.

All types of decorations​​​​​​​

Printing of self-adhesive labels is made on flexographic equipment, and in order to give the label a special appeal and uniqueness, we additionally use several decorations. Among them, one can distinguish warming, lamination, screen printing, as well as hot and cold embossing. This allows you to attract increased attention to products and distinguish it from competitors. Some types of decoration not only affect the appearance of the product, but also extend the life of the product, protecting the label from external factors.

Our advantages​​​​​​​

We always take care of our customers and value our reputation. The "Sticky Line" company offers high quality, compliance with deadlines, a wide range of services and optimal prices. Our customers are always satisfied with the result of our work. That is why we cooperate with famous brands and large retail chains, ordering self-adhesive labels of different formats.