In Moscow: +7 (495) 627 75 67

In St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 335 66 30  

In Russia 8 (800) 201 75 67




Opening Hours:


 Mn. — Th. 9:00—18:00  

Fr. 9:00—17:00

Printing office:  

Saint Petersburg,

16 Bumagnaya str, block 3, apt. 105


The office of the printing house "Sticky Line" is located at the

address: St. Petersburg, 16 Bumagnaya street 16 block 3, apt. 105. The office is located on the ground floor of the Portal business center in building 2A. The entrance to the office was carried out either through

the main entrance of the business center "Portal", from the

Bumagnaya street, or from the additional entrance from the Bumagnyi river. To enter the territory of the business center, you must first order a pass from the printing house employee.

Production facility:

 Saint Petersburg, 3 Liflyandskaya str.

The entrance to the production of the "Sticky Line" printing house is carried out through the checkpoint of the "Soviet star"plant. On-site Parking is equipped for customers ' vehicles. To obtain a pass, please call the above numbers in advance.